postheadericon Peace by Peace

Unofficial theme song of the IMC

© Andew Kutt (2007)

Some folks say they don’t believe

This world can be made right

That humanity is violent

And always going to fight

But once upon a time

People thought the world was flat

That you’d fall off of the edge

And somehow just go splat!



Peace by peace

One great goal

Heart by Heart

We’re going make this planet whole


There have been great leaders

Throughout history

Who had a dream that people

'Cross this whole world could be free

Now it’s time for us to hold the torch

Ourselves and light the way

So those who are in need

Will soon see a brighter day




Sometimes the world’s problems

Just seem to be so great

I’m just one little person

Doing too little too late

But let’s always remember

Every little bit does count

It’s going take a team

To turn this world around





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