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MSC logo Back in November Lisa Fels of the Montessori Community School in Utah received a phone Member Logocall from the US State Department asking if the school would be willing to host an international delegation of school officials from Brazil. 

“Of course, we said YES - we would be honored to host them” says Fels.  The group included about ten school superintendents from various Brazilian states.

“We hosted them as they would have hosted us - with refreshments,
smiles and lots of discussion related to their many questions,” she continues. The delegates were amazed that many of the children didn't seem to notice them when the group toured their classrooms, and those that did politely welcomed the visitors. The Brazilians were so pleased with their visit that the State Department and the Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy has asked if we could host any international delegation related to education that they sponsor. Typically the delegations visit Washington DC and about five other states in the US, with site visits in each state.

In February, the school hosted a delegation of four Kindergarten principals from Azerbaijan.  The delegation loved the visit and asked for the International Montessori Council's contact information so that they could make arrangements for their government to support the development of Montessori schools in Azerbaijan.  Some of our teachers
mentioned: "Maria would have really loved this!"  I think she would have...

Montessori Community School of Salt Lake City is an IMC Member School.


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