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In too many communties around the world children are offered few choices beyond traditional schooling.  How many Einsteins, Marie Curies and Gandhis have been silenced by factory-style education?  How much better might the world be if there were more Montessori schools and more classrooms in existing Montessori schools?

The challenge has been a lack of teachers due to the difficulty in obtaining training.  It was with this mandate that we started CGMS two and a half years ago.

When we incorporated in 2006 we had a vision of expanding access to Montessori training.  Until recently authentic Montessori training was only available to those few lucky enough to live near a training center, or able to afford the time and expense of spending several summers away from home. At CGMS we realized that technology can enable a new model of training that blends the best of both face to face and distance education.

And look at us now:

  • Our blended distance training program in Kingston NY has received MACTE accreditation.  We are the first primary distance training program in the world to achieve this.
  • We have about fifty students currently working their way through an Early Childhood program.  We're working to develop an Elementary program as well - more on this next year!
  • We have students from around the globe, and we've developed leading edge systems to make sure that people in the furthest corners of the world have acess to the same high quality internet materials our US and Canadian students have enjoyed.
  • We've been instrumental in helpin a large public school convert to Montessori.


If you respect children and have a possion for early childhood education, what are you waiting for?  We have space available in our upcoming cohort group that begins this month.  This is the time to start a fulfilling career that could change the lives of hundreds of children for the better.  Don't hesitate!  You can start your training now without sacrificing time with your family, friends and work.

Please visit our website or write us at i This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for applicaiton materials and more information.



"I was skeptical about an online course at first, but now I am CGMS' number one fan!"

This was recently related to us by Jill Guenther, the supervising teacher for a current CGMS student. A great many people have been talking about the Center for Guided Montessori's training programs. Our new approach to Montessori certification allows students to become highly qualified Montessori teachers with minimal disruption to their lives.

Those who have personally experienced it universally rave. I'd like to take this opportunity to share a few stories about the transformative power of our program. Jill also says

"A transformation has been very visible in Karen. She's doing fabulously. Karen cares about her students, and I would trust her with my entire classroom, in fact... That side of her is so much stronger than any other first year teacher has shown."

"Thinking back to my training, I remember the benefits hands-on training as well as meeting many wonderful Language Arts people, but what Karen's getting from CGMS is super on-target. Because we are now a computer generation, it makes so much sense to do the courses online. Karen has shown that she hasn't lost anything by training online, but gained the same quality of education in a very modern way. Your program has come up with a perfect way to have other teachers and resources available to her at all times. Karen feels involved with the others in the cohort. In short, CGMS pulls it all off amazingly."

She concludes: "I would feel comfortable recommending your course to anybody who is thinking about it for their teachers."

Because partnership is so important to us, we regularly communicate with supervising teachers and school heads. We recently had one of these conversations with Maryanne Green, the head of school for the Center for Creative Education. Her student, also named Karen, faced a difficult time. Here’s what Maryanne has to say about how the CGMS program supported her program during this trying period:

Addition strip board"Karen is doing just fantastic! I couldn't ask for a better intern. As you may know, Karen's head teacher has recently had to step out of the classroom due to a major surgery. Karen took over the class beautifully. We all helped to guide her into this role, and in my opinion, the children are doing great with Karen as head teacher… It’s because she is choosing to take the course that made her able to step up to the plate when this happened."

Our students are truly joyful learners. We can provide many more quotes and references testifying to the high quality of our course, and the fun and value our students receive during it. Brigid Beames, the head of school for Namaste Montessori School, says:  "I'm really thrilled with the program Casey is completing!"     

We'll stop here for today, and just let you know that we are currently enrolling students for our blended distance programs. Students combine our high-quality distance training with an in-person summer session at your choice of either Kingston, NY or Sarasota, FL. The three weeks of training are completed over two summer sessions. Our next cohort group starts June 15. For more information, including sample course materials, application documents, please visit our website at or write us at i This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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