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Congratulations to the International Montessori School of Hong Kong!

In October of 2012 The IMC the team of Claire Salkowski (IMC accreditation commissioner chair), Kathleen Leitch (IMC accreditation commissioner), Pete Juds (IMC accredited school head of school) and Margot Garfield-Anderson (IMC accreditation administrator) traveled to Hong Kong to serve in the capacity of on-sight validators for the IMC accreditation process.

When a school voluntarily chooses to become accredited with the IMC a very lengthy and reflective process of self evaluation that involves the entire community is undertaken. Schools have different reasons for seeking accreditation but one of the main reasons is to gain the public trust. An accredited school shows the community that it has undergone a very vigorous process and has been evaluated by a group of their peers to insure that their message is clear and represents best practices Montessori.

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing that the International Montessori School of Hong Kong has been accepted as an IMC accredited school by the entire commission. The school worked very hard to achieve this distinction and we are delighted to award them their accreditation certificate. Congratulations to Anne Sawyer and Karin Ann, the co founders of the school and the entire population of the school (close to 600 students!) on obtaining this credential.

When the school was notified it had earned its accreditation here is what they had to say about the IMC:

“Dear Tim,

Thank you so much for all that you have done for Montessori, and we are delighted and honored to be admitted as an accredited IMC school.

We have been so incredibly impressed by the experience and insights of the IMC accreditation team, and feel so privileged to have new friends with such warmth and passion.  Thank you for the support.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you in person, and hope to welcome you to our school soon!

Warmest regards,

Anne, Karin, Nicolette & IMS Team”

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