Desert Gardens Montessori in Phoenix, Arizona has been awarded their IMC accreditation as of March 1, 2014.

The school had their on site visit in late January by the team of:

Claire Salkowski, Accreditation Chair, IMC Board member and Head of School Free State Montessori, Fork, Maryland; Margot Garfield-Anderson, IMC Membership Director and Montessori Foundation Staffer; Robin Howe, Elementary Guide from NewGate School (the laboratory school of the Montessori Foundation) and Jan Katzen, Former toddler directress and AMI certified teacher, Certified Nutritionist and Nutritional Educator.

The school’s program runs from the Infant/Toddler through Adolescent program with sights set of adding a full High School program in the near future. We congratulate the school on achieving their accreditation and share this news with the IMC community.

Now that the school has earned this distinction they will become a mentor school to another school going through the process. Head of School Shetal Walters led her committee through the process with grace and courtesy and community involvement. The school’s staff and families welcomed the on site committee with total openness to the experience and made it a truly inclusive and welcoming event for all.

We are planning on Shetal attending the November conference in Sarasota, Florida November 6-9, 2014 so that she can be given the opportunity to address the members on their school’s experiences of accreditation and be awarded a ceremonial version of the certificate that the school already received.

So Congratulations Desert Garden, you’ve earned your bragging rights on this one.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 11 March 2014 08:52)