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See presentation on what makes Montessori different to conventional education. Click here.


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Research Findings

The Montessori Methods of Education

Research provides some indication about how children benefit from a Montessori education. By its very nature, however, research suggests but does not prove or conclude. The premises, methods, and findings of research studies are open to scrutiny and interpretation. Montessori students score highly in one study; another suggests they do not fare as well. Researchers try take into account the backgrounds of the students and their parents including the involvement of parents in their children’s education. A child’s signals to her or his parents are perhaps the most important indicator: parents know when their children thrive.


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postheadericon The Importance of the Kindergarten Year

When a child transfers from Montessori to a new kindergarten, whether in a public or private environment, she spends the first few months adjusting to a new class, a new teacher, and a whole new system with different expectations. This, along with the fact that most kindergartens have a much lower set of expectations for five-year-olds than most Montessori programs, severely cuts into the learning that could occur during this crucial year.

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See a similar article entitled "Why stay for the Kindergarten Year" by Tim Seldin and Elizabeth Coe.

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postheadericon Why We Chose Montessori Elementary

My daughter, now 8 years old, brought me to Montessori.  She began at a Montessori school when she was 3 years old.  I was amazed at how she transformed from an active child who always seemed to be getting into trouble into one who was confident and responsible.  She was more independent than ever, but learned to channel her energy.  Rather than being bored, she had become focused and content.

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postheadericon What Are The Real Benefits of Sending a Child to Montessori?

Parents often ask: What are the real benefits of sending a child to a Montessori school? They seek assurance that it will prepare them to survive in the ‘real world,’ by which they really question: Will Montessori prepare their children to succeed in a conventional school?

My favorite answer to this question is a simple "No!"

No, Montessori is not designed to prepare children to think, act, and learn the way most children do in most traditional classrooms!

Will Montessori children succeed in a traditional classroom? The odds are that they will do just fine.

But, is Montessori designed to prepare children for the sort of classroom experience that they are likely to find if they transfer from Montessori to a traditional school program before they go off the college? The answer is, of course, no. If Montessori were de-signed to prepare children for the next rung on the conventional schooling ladder, then Montessori would be like other traditional schools, and that is precisely what Montessori schools were designed to challenge and replace!

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