By Dr. Maria Montessori

Your child is propelled by the very power of God and Nature to become all that he or she is meant to be as surely as is any seed planted in fertile ground. Driven by instinctive forces of body, will, emotion, and thought, your child literally reaches out to make contact with the world of personal experience and to begin a singular relationship with it. As parents you need to know fully your role in this vital adventure called the “becoming of experience” that your child is undertaking, for you by nature’s definition are the “life provider” and so you are meant to be the initial nurturer of what the child must experience in order to develop as the wonder that is a human person. Also, since your child, as a seedling of personality, is not yet able to communicate or to track well all that is happening, you must take the lead in understanding this process of your child’s “becoming of experience” by recording it, journalizing it, seeing, and then responding with parenting wisdom to each successive stage of this wondrous, dynamic happening within the universe of created being.


Your child’s personal consciousness is an actualization of this “becoming experience” and so you must enable him or her to bring the world of experience into awareness by celebrating each event. Celebrating means “talking out loud” about a meaningful happening. Your child during this beginning of beginnings needs your help in experiencing consciously the convergence of self and the world – to begin to be “present” to his or her own consciousness of all the realities experienced outwardly by the five senses and inwardly by the keen powers of personal thought, emotion, and will. Your child needs you “to make present” the dazzling qualities of the real world around us all -- “the wonders of all that we survey” -- as the daily bread of his or her experiential nutriment.
Moreover, fostering this living connection between experience and consciousness is the source of your child’s aesthetic and value judgments – the virtue of his or her personal character. By means of your expressed celebration of your child’s experiencing, you are actually giving “new eyes” to him or her with which to see presences in personal consciousness and in the world. Within this family celebration, you and your child respond together in wonder and thankfulness over each “really real” manifested in your life.
Both you and your child need to discover just what the “child” is – and what a discovery that is! Philosophers teach us that to become an actualized human person we must first become conscious of this “totality of presences” we know experientially and then stamp it with the character of our own personal “newness” within this ever evolving world of creation. By becoming conscious through experience of his or her world, your child begins to own life itself personally and then become able to share this history of his or her emergence as a new person within this great universe of being with you and with everyone.


Your child requires you to create family, for it is within the love of the family that your child begins to experience, to know in an emerging way what it means to be one within a society. It is the “climate” -- the “sensitivity” -- the “atmosphere” -- the “culture” of your daily family life that will provide your child with the first personal knowing of a caring, creating, providing, and praying community. It will be in this intimacy of family life that your child will meet his or her first artists, philosophers, scientists, mystics, and saints.

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