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An important lesson we learned years ago is that none of the world's great Montessori schools try to go it alone. They depend on external mentors to help them stay on course.  When facing challenging times, or when attempting to plan and implement something new, experience, expertise, and a fresh outside perspective can be absolutely invaluable.

As we have been since we began, The Montessori Foundation is here to help!

Here are just a few of the areas where we can help:

•  An external institutional assessment of your school today;

•  Strategic planning;

•  Budget analysis and tuition structuring;

•  Breathing new excitement and commitment into your school community;

•  Gearing up for school accreditation;

•   Professional development for staff;

•   Board seminars or retreats;

•   Curriculum development and alignment;

•   Recruitment and admissions;

•   Facilities design;

•   Fund raising.


It's not easy to send your faculty, administrators, or boards off to conferences or retreat centers for renewal and inspiration. The Montessori Foundation staff are also experts in bringing these services to your school, as workshops, weekend retreats,  teleconferences, or live two-way video conferences at a fraction of the cost.

The beauty of the services that the Foundation provides is that they are especially designed for the needs of the staff at your school!

With modern internet communications, more and more schools are finding the least expensive way to get focused advice, or even to have someone from our team meet with your teachers, staff, parents, or board, is by two-way video using the free Skype video conference service.

We even record the session, from start to finish, and post it in a secure area of our website where you can replay it or download it to your computer.


Tangible Results

During difficult times, for start-up help, or for faculty/administrator rejuvenation, schools turn to The Montessori Foundation for help because we provide tangible results.

From our experiences working with hundreds of Montessori schools, we can offer solutions to your challenges and identify new opportunities.

As a result of working together, schools enjoy a renewed sense of security, confidence, and support from their families and staff. The schools with which we work discover new ways to increase income and contributions, and decrease expenses without compromising the integrity of their Montessori programs.

We are backed by an extensive team of experts in every field of Montessori school leadership from the Montessori Foundation staff and beyond.



The Montessori Foundation offers on-site visits which would include the following: A consultant’s airfare to be booked by client, or Foundation will book and ask for immediate reimbursement, whichever suits the client; payment in full at $1000 per day, for Sharon Caldwell (Program Officer of The Montessori Foundation), $1000 per day, for Lorna McGrath (Program Director of The Montessori Foundation) or $1,500 per day for Tim Seldin (President of The Montessori Foundation) or Jonathan Wolf (Senior Consultant) to be remitted to the Foundation two weeks prior to a consultant’s visit. Clients are also responsible for: added travel costs that can include checked luggage, gas mileage and airport parking, and lodging and meals.

The Montessori Foundation offers off-site consultations, which can include: Skype conversations, phone conversations and preparation of documentation. The off-site costs are $75 per hour for Sharon Caldwell’s services, $100 per hour for Lorna McGrath’s services, or $150 per hour for Tim Seldin’s or Jonathan Wolf's services.




12 week courses

*Revised and updated *

Building a World Class Montessori School

Overview of Montessori principles and curriculum

(for non-Montessori trained heads of Montessori schools)



6 week courses

Building enrolment and community

Starting a Montessori School from the Ground Up

Curriculum theory & Montessori applications



12 week courses

*Revised and updated *

Building a World Class Montessori School

Overview of Montessori principles and curriculum

(for non-Montessori trained heads of Montessori schools)



Montessori School Boards




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