What is Montessori?

Many parents come to us with basic questions about Montessori. How is it different from other forms of education? What do children get out of a Montessori education? We offer answers to these questions and more.

Planting the Seeds of Learning

What Children Get Out Of Montessori


How to Raise an Amazing Child is a practical parenting program to help build a calm and happy home life with your child, from birth through age six. Written by the President of the Montessori Foundation, this book is packed with creative activities to help children discover more about their world--as well as foster independence, concentration, and respect for others. Order online.

The Montessori Way is a lovely, clear, and fully illustrated overview of Montessori education from infant-toddler programs through the secondary level. This book is only available from the Montessori Foundation Publications Center. If you are a parent, teacher, or university educator looking to gain a clear understanding of the Montessori approach, this book will be a delightful addition to your library. Order online.

Tomorrow's Child is the magazine for Montessori families around the world. Each issue is filled with articles that address the questions parents most often ask about Montessori schools and Montessori in the home. subscribe online

Tomorrow's Child OnLine: A Free Benefit for Standing Bulk Order & Electronic Subscribers Tomorrow's Child OnLine: Our parent resource center provides you with many other free articles and video presentations on effective parenting and how to incorporate a Montessori way of life into your daily family routines. Hosted by the Foundation's Parent Education Director, Lorna McGrath, there are many short video clips on critical issues of parenting. This added benefit is available to bulk subscribers and electronic subscribers.

The Montessori Foundation is pleased to offer it's library of parent interest articles to the global community.


Articles About Montessori Education

Articles About Parenting The Montessori Way

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http://www.montessori.org/sitefiles/tim_seldin_sml.jpgBecause of the internationally recognized name 'Montessori, many people worldwide assume that our schools are part of a franchise, chain, or are centrally licensed. In reality, each school is independent.  There is no central authority that licenses a school as a Montessori program, although there are several professional association to which a school might voluntarily belong, and from which accreditation can be sought.

Because accreditation has traditionally applied to high schools and colleges, very few Montessori schools are accredited. More recently, parents have begun to hear about accreditation at the childcare level by an organization known as the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), which represents a less comprehensive standard than traditional school accreditation. Again, while some Montessori schools might hold that recognition, it is not as applicable to schools as to childcare programs, and only a small percentage of Montessori schools have sought that recognition.

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12 week courses

*Revised and updated *

Building a World Class Montessori School

Overview of Montessori principles and curriculum

(for non-Montessori trained heads of Montessori schools)



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Building enrolment and community

Starting a Montessori School from the Ground Up

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12 week courses

*Revised and updated *

Building a World Class Montessori School

Overview of Montessori principles and curriculum

(for non-Montessori trained heads of Montessori schools)



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