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The Montessori Foundation's Montessori Leadership Institute has developed strong leaders of Montessori schools around the world.


In 2006 we pioneered online learning in Montessori  leadership development, using streaming video and audio presentations, libraries of resources, dynamic online discussions, conference call-ins, and a network of fellow Montessori school administrators.


Our online courses offer:

  • practical information and resources
  • a fellowship of professional colleagues
  • individual counsel from our faculty
  • and the convenience of working from your school

They offer invaluable insights and skills used by successful Montessori schools around the world.


Our Montessori Leadership courses are designed for:

  • Heads of Schools
  • Curriculum Coordinators
  • Admissions Directors
  • Development Directors
  • Board Members
  • Parent Leaders

They are intensive, and collaborative learning experiences. Participants are encouraged to explore issues that they are currently working on at their schools. Many have described the experience as individual school consultation for a much lower cost, with the added advantage of the shared perspectives and experience of the other leaders participating in the course.


As you may have read, the Montessori Foundation is working with Argosy University to develop a Master's program in Montessori School Leadership. The professional development classes described below are not part of that program, however it may be possible for students who complete one or more of our PD courses to by granted recognition toward the completion of the new Masters when it begins. That has not yet been finalized. The leadership courses do qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for those who find that useful.


We are offering the following courses beginning in May and June 2014:


Building A World-Class Montessori School:
A Survey of the Principles of Montessori Leadership

Sharon Caldwell and Tim Seldin
June 17th through September 6th, 2014 (12 weeks)

This image symbolizes the concept of a system of integrated systems. Just as Montessori is designed around a series of consistent  and practices, so is a great school.
This outstanding course is based on several simple principles: Clarity is the Key to Success * Schools are truly the group of people who come together as educators and parents * Great schools are made up of a group of people who share common values and have come together for the right reasons * They are organized as a carefully planned and integrated system of systems that ensure the school will be consistent and coherent in its philosophy and practice in everything it does.
Over twelve weeks, you will explore all the features that make a Montessori school truly world-class. Starting with the process of clarifying and defining institutional identity, we will examine the fundamental features and principles in each area of school operation and how they must work together in coherent systems. This is a course that tends to challenge long-held assumptions and beliefs, and leads school leaders to find new direction and clarity of their own.

The Initial Building Blocks of Success

Sharon Caldwell and Tim Seldin
May 15th to June 26th 2014 (6 weeks)

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In response to numerous requests from the community, we have written a new course: How to Start a  Montessori School. Anyone who wants to start a new Montessori school, or convert an existing childcare center into a Montessori school, will find this course invaluable.
Please note this course is designed for those just beginning to work on developing a new Montessori school, or converting an existing day-care to Montessori. If you are looking to extend an existing school to higher levels, or take your existing school to a whole new level of excellence, then your needs would be better served by our Building a World Class Montessori School course.

new course
This course draws from our popular courses: Building a World Class Montessori
School and Finding the Perfect Match, together with new materials chosen specifically to meet the needs of people wanting to start a Montessori school.


An Overview of Montessori Principles and Curriculum from Infant-Toddler through High School

Sharon Caldwell
May 15th to June 26th 2014 (6 weeks)

The course is designed for present and prospective Montessori teachers, Heads of Schools (especially those who are not formally trained as Montessori educators), and very interested parents. It is also popular with certified Montessori teachers who would like a fresh perspective, as well as teachers in conventional classrooms who would like to gain a deeper understanding of Montessori education.

Owners and non-teaching administrators of Montessori Schools who do not have formal Montessori training. While often highly qualified in regular or conventional education, these school leaders may find the classroom practices of their staff somewhat strange and, frankly, often inconsistent with their own understanding or commonly held notions of good educational practice.

Similarly, school administrative and support staff often only have a cursory understanding of the principles on which the approach is based, but they are nonetheless, regularly in a position where they need to promote or support practices which confound them.

This course is also intended to provide insight for non-teaching and support staff as well as assistants.


Developing a More Effective Montessori School Board
Tim Seldin
Date arranged for each school (6 weeks)

new course

This course is a special program that is customized and run for the entire board and leadership of individual Montessori schools. It includes a series of six live online seminars with Montessori Foundation President, Tim Seldin.

This new course will be beneficial to both Montessori school board members and administrators alike. It will consider the unique nature of independent/private Montessori schools, and the Montessori principles that should guide every discussion and decision that we make. We will cover the fundamental principles of serving on a nonprofit board, the roles of board members in an effective school, the Montessori way to run meetings and make decisions, and the cycles of sustaining an effective board and administrative team, budgeting, setting policy, relating to the staff and parent community, the board's role in evaluation, and serving as ambassadors of the school in the larger community. We will also touch on fundraising, setting tuition and fees, committees, officers of the board, accreditation, and how the board can ensure the integrity of the school's Montessori program. 

This course is offered to the entire board/administrative team of just one school, allowing it to be highly customized. It will include live webinars, each of which will be recorded for later playback.

This new course can be followed by a second course on organizing for self-study, accreditation, and strategic planning.

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Courses currently being offered

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12 week courses

*Revised and updated *

Building a World Class Montessori School

Overview of Montessori principles and curriculum

(for non-Montessori trained heads of Montessori schools)



6 week courses

Building enrolment and community

Starting a Montessori School from the Ground Up

Curriculum theory & Montessori applications



12 week courses

*Revised and updated *

Building a World Class Montessori School

Overview of Montessori principles and curriculum

(for non-Montessori trained heads of Montessori schools)



Montessori School Boards




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